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Addacus (also known as Beat Dyscalculia)


Take a look at some of the comments made about ADDACUSTM from schools, teachers, a University, an Ofsted inspector and some of the children themselves.

"I like the colours" Melissa.
"I love building walls" Dan.
"I want one of these" Sarah.

Staff and pupil
"There are so many possibilities and different ways of using this"
"So much thought has gone into this"
"We expected it to be much more expensive"

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St. Bartholomew's C of E Primary School, North Tyneside

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‘The ADDACUSTM Activity Pack is the most comprehensive way of introducing and reinforcing number concepts we have seen ... highly recommend it as a vital addition to any school's resources.’

Mrs Wild (Head Teacher Mrs G Surtees SENCO)


All Saints Ilkley

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‘The programme allowed them to take control of their own learning and build self esteem through success ... Staff noticed that the children were instantly engaged and enthusiastic. They could not wait to investigate the material further’

Peter Marsh (Headmaster, School Improvement Partner and Ofsted Inspector)


Lincolnshire Support Service

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‘The feedback from the presentation you gave to the Learning Support Service has been brilliant and I know many schools are investing as a result of our recommendations...and most important of all it is great fun.’

Penny Fixter


Whitechapel Middle School - Kirklees

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‘Today I went to a seminar about this new product and was so massively impressed I wanted to draw it to the attention of others ... Check it out’

Diana Wright, SENCO, writing on the SENCO forum


Marine Park - South Shields

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‘Addacus is working really well ... They are so enthusiastic about it they all love it...’

Staff who are using Addacus regularly with 21 pupils


Education Bradford

‘Correlates with practical classroom based primary national strategy approach’

Sue Sutcliffe Numeracy Strategy Consultant for Bradford



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‘Its fantastic... an innovative approach to helping children understand mathematical concepts...’

Doreen Lewis, retired member of Leeds Learning Support Team who trained Teaching Assistants at Bradford College



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‘I am thrilled and delighted with the Addacus Packs. You have a clear structured teaching plan ... The quality of all the products is excellent ...’

Teacher, who has taught 5 to 7 year olds for 25 years


Maths Consultant

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‘The Addacus is a very useful resource it applies innovative thinking to the age-old abacus, which very effectively helps users see and grasp the processes of place value ... an ideal supplement to wave 3 materials.’

Les Staves (Maths Consultant)


SEN Consultant (Newcastle)

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‘... I would recommend ADDACUS to schools as an effective Wave 3 resource. I would also invite ADDACUS back to train colleagues ...’

Sheila Kingsland (SEN Consultant)


Northumbria University

‘The Centre for Design Research at Northumbria University are proud to have been involved in the design of the ADDACUSTM. Seeing the potential benefit for many children, we were keen to work with Addacus Limited as their design consultants, helping them to produce innovative quality equipment that is affordable for schools and parents’

The Centre for Design Research at Northumbria University

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